Cocaine Addiction Help In Birmingham

If you are looking for the best help for cocaine addiction then then let previous clients of Debbie Williams tell you their own story.

We believe it is the most effective and affordable help to break your addiction to cocaine and its not just us saying its the best help for cocaine addiction around.

Anyone can write testimonials on a website, but you cannot fake real people telling their story.

Here is testimonial number 11 of many. Most clients do NOT want to go on camera, so these are just a small example of the 1000’s Debbie has helped over the years.

Hypnosis On Its Own Is Not Enough

Many clients have tried regular hypnotherapy and its not helped them.

They may feel relaxed but the method Debbie has developed over the last 20 plus years is really effective in breaking the hold (and paranoia) that a cocaine addiction creates in you.

Using her 20 plus years of experience teaching NLP & hypnosis. Debbie combines unique strategies she has developed to work consciously and unconsciously so you can look at cocaine and think;

“Don’t want it, no desire, its a mugs game…”

Debbie teaches students to become hypnotherapists at Regents College London as well as running regular NLP & Hypnosis Practice Groups in Birmingham.

She is the hypnotherapist and NLP trainer that Paul McKenna recommends.

What Will It Cost Me To Overcome My Cocaine Habit ?

Normally it is a double breakthrough session at £297 (which can be paid by credit card) followed by two single sessions at £149. This has a success rate of 80%. (£595)

One or two more sessions are needed for some but even then it will come in under £900 which is less than rehab for cocaine addiction and any other services out there. We then get a 95% success rate.

The 5% that this method doesn’t fully work for are normally clients sent by partners/family members or work has paid for them and the commitment is not always there.

That said, we still are able to help most of them get to a point of wanting to stop.

We give them helpful tools and strategies and we get emails months later that many do stop on their own when they are ready.

This Chap Took A Few More Sessions To Get There

How Do I Book A Treatment Session For My Cocaine Addiction ?

You can call us on 0121 241 0728 or book a session to break free from cocaine abuse online here.

Because the initial outlay is £297 which you can pay by credit card and then you pay as you go, many find as they stop the monies saved pays for their treatment.

Honest Ethical Therapist Helped Me With My Cocaine Problem

This chap had been to different hypnotherapists and NLP people also had various specific phase frequency treatment and other treatments which worked for a few days and then he was back on it but cost him £1000’s and he was still addicted to cocaine.

Debbie does try to work within your budget and does offer some concessionary places each month.

What Happens In A Session To Help Me Get Of Cocaine?

Here Debbie talk about what will happen at her Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Help Clinic. Of course each individual has unique needs that Debbie will address within sessions.

At the end of each session, Debbie records a hypnotic trance to capture what has been achieved within your session and for you to have to listen to in-between sessions to strengthen your resolve to quit.

She also has a self help option which if listened to over and over will help you break free from your addiction to cocaine.

This is only £19 to download and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. A one to one session will always be more effective as it is geared up to you. She gives you this download as well as extra support.

Please Do Your Research On Cocaine Treatments Near Birmingham

Here are some more videos for you to watch from real people who have come for treatment to overcome their cocaine addiction.

Bookmark this page and research what help their is to quit cocaine before you decide where you want to go. As we have said previously anyone can write convincing testimonials on a website, but you cannot fake real people.

More Talking About The Best Help For Cocaine Addiction In Birmingham

Visit Debbie’s Youtube Channel For Even More Testimonial Evidence

Click the video to watch on youtube and search Debbie Williams Cocaine Help Birmingham to see even more videos and helpful tips to stop abusing cocaine.

Please share this page to anyone who may need some help or visit our page Stop Cocaine Abuse on FaceBook

Unbearable Anxiety Taking It Every 3 Days To Freedom

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Stop Binge Drinking

Stop binge drinking now. How to stop abusing alcohol with hypnosis and NLP effective treatment.

Learn to drink like a normal person does drinking moderately and not overdoing it with Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams help.

Binge drinking help

If you binge drink and need help to stop binge drinking then Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner Debbie Williams hypnosis recording may be the only help you need to stop binge drinking right now. www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_drinking

 Problems caused by binge drinking

Binge drinking is one of the reasons liver disease has increased in the UK over the last 10 years. It kills 16 people in every 100,000.

Cirrhosis of the liver is increasing in women binge drinkers whose liver’s don’t tolerate alcohol as well as men. Alcohol is toxic to the body’s cells when consumed in excess.

Blackouts after binge drinking

Waking up the next day after a binge drinking episode and not being able to remember parts of the evening before is an example of alcohols ability to damage the brain. If you suffer from blackouts after consuming vast amounts of alcohol, now is the time to sort this out.

If you can travel to Birmingham to see Debbie Williams at her Birmingham NLP and hypnotherapy clinic in Sutton Coldfield then call her on 0121 241 0728. Prices start from £145 per session.

if this is out of your price range you can get Birmingham hypnotherapists stop binge drinking self help hypnosis recording from only £19


Hypnosis to stop binge drinking with Birmingham hypnotherapist

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has helped 100’s over the years to overcome their binge drinking habit usually in only 1-3 sessions.

Hypnosis is used to programme your unconscious mind to stop binge drinking and learn to drink sensibly, knowing when to stop so that you don’t binge on alcohol.www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_drinking

Binge drinking help to stop with NLP

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie uses NLP to help you to ‘think’ differently about drink. NLP is like finding the owners manual for your brain and with the full length recording stop binge drinking there are several NLP based tracks to help you to reprogramme your brain to stop binge drinking now as well as a full length hypnosis track which will plant suggestions deep into your unconscious mind to help you to stop binge drinking.

Self help to stop drinking

You can read more here about “Stop Binge Drinking  This self help hypnosis and NLP recording costs only £19 and comes with a full money back guarantee to go on click the link and download your copy now you have nothing to lose but your binge drinking habit.

Save money as you stop binge drinking now

You will more than save the cost of the stop binge drinking recording on your first night out as you find you will drink much much less and more importantly enjoy your night out. www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_drinking

If you would like to come visit us please click here

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Help to fight a cocaine addiction

If you are addicted to cocaine and want help to with a cocaine addiction to stop abusing cocaine then we have 2 options for you,

1, Stop cocaine abuse self hypnosis with NLP recording by Debbie Williams of Sutton Coldfield Birmingham

You can listen to this in the comfort of your own home and re-programme your unconscious mind to no longer desire cocaine as much as you do now.


Many people find listening to it stops their cravings completely whilst others find it helps lowering the desire for cocaine just enough for willpower to kick it to help them stop this habit.

2, Come to Birmingham for sessions with Debbie Williams to help you address your cocaine addiction habit and replace it with positive feelings and optimism towards the future free of cocaine.

Visit her purpose built website which has tons of free help and tips to be free from craving cocaine.


Birmingham cocaine help

“I want help to stop my cocaine addiction right now” or “can’t you help me fight my cocaine habit, I don’t care what it costs I’m sick of how cocaine makes me feel, I just want to stop abusing coke” is something Birmingham cocaine addiction expert Debbie Williams hears often from people who want help to fight their cocaine addiction habit.

Stop your coke habit right now

If you want to stop taking cocaine right now and will travel to Birmingham, West Midlands then NLP master practitioner, trainer and hypnotherapist Debbie Williams who runs her clinic from Sutton Coldfield will help you to stop your cocaine abuse and overcome your addiction.

What will it cost me to fight my cocaine addiction?

A one to one session will cost from £149 and will include any hypnosis recordings you can book by visiting The Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Help Clinic  or by calling 0121 241 0728 office hours to book a slot

Cocaine addicts have flown to Birmingham for help

Many stuck with their cocaine addiction have travelled from London, Manchester and even flown in to Birmingham to see addictions expert Debbie Williams to get help in their fight to stop taking cocaine.

If you would like to book a appointment please you can here

Video Birmingham Cocaine help I want to stop my Cocaine abuse right now

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Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics help

This short video explains the importance of having a strategy or plan in your quest to overcome your eating problems.

Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics all have their battles and issues with food to the point where it can consume their whole day constantly obsessing about food, thinking about it.

If the thought of food and eating and body size and worries  never leaves your conscious awareness for long, then its time to do something about it.

Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics – answer is the same

Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics – answer is the same and that is to learn to eat as a naturally lean, healthy happy person does and to model their thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food.

Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics also need to have a plan with behavioural style goals rather than weigh on the scales as a measurement.

By that I mean goals to eat in accordance with the actual size of ones stomach and to have a plan with the focus towards healthy natural food the body recognises and is able to use as well as some so called ‘naughty’ or ‘junk’ food.

The ratio being ideally 90% healthy 10 % not so good food which we need at times to let us know we can have something that feeds our soul.

Learn to be in tune with your body’s true needs

Your body needs healthy foods it can use. Many times a craving can be sent out when the body senses something is missing, Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics often mistake this as hunger and overeat the wrong foods and shortly after the same cycle continues over and over.

Autopsies in America have shown that people were overfed (fat) yet were showing signs of malnutrition.

Having a plan of healthy foods which are nutrient dense yet calorie poor, in other words fruits, salads and vegetables and making friends with the plant kingdom ensures you are eating lower down on the food chain.

It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef. This will mean you will be benefiting from 16 pounds of grain or soya which will have been sprayed with any number of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, which I don’t think is good for us.

If you eat when you are stressed then my free stop worrying recording may help. There are also lots of free videos on this website to help you.


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Plan to eat normally again

This short video gives you advice to have a strategy or plan to teach yourself how to eat normally again. Just like learning to drive requires lessons or getting a degree needs study,learning what ‘normal’ healthy eaters do naturally can be taught and mastered to replace old negative behaviours you may be have with food.

Many weight loss clients as well as binge eaters, over eaters and bulimics and those with issues around foods have either forgotten (or never knew) how to eat normally.

Eating normally again, why plan?

Why have a plan to eat normally again you may ask, well there is a saying ‘most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan’ and it’s true most people spend more time planning their holiday than they do planning a happy fulfilling life.

What is eating normally?

If you have issues with food and struggle with weight or binge eating then you may feel totally lost on what its like to eat as a normal person does. This can be a scary place to be.

I eat for just about any old reason!

You may have trained yourself albeit unconsciously to eat for all sorts of reasons using food as a panacea for your feelings and emotions.

Tiredness is a big trigger to overeat and having a plan to get to bed earlier for more sleep can really make a positive difference in your eating habits.

Boredom eating is another trigger for overeating and having a list to which you keep adding ideas to of ‘all the things I’d do if only I had the time’  means you have a plan in black and white of what you can do when you suddenly feel bored and the kitchen cupboards start to call you.

Learning to eat normally again for some will be easy, yet for others it may seem like the biggest challenge in your life.

There is a lot of free info on this site with tips to help which may be all you need to re-learn to eat normally again and if you feel you need more help please check out my web shop as it has lots of more in-depth hypnotherapy recordings to help you.   http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/cds_food_eating_issues.htm

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Stop being greedy

If you have a tendency to be greedy and overeat like its going out of fashion, then this short hypnotherapy trance video ‘stop being greedy’ will help re-programme your mind at the unconscious level to let go of the ‘greedy’ habit/behavior you engage in.

‘I’m greedy with food’

‘I’m greedy with my food’ is a phrase Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams hears often. It is a common problem with binge eaters, over eaters, bulimic’s and people who want to lose weight.

Surprisingly it can be a big problem for many, who appear to the outside world that they have got their act together. This is partially because a huge variety of food is available to us nowadays. It is marketing, advertised and literally shoved in our face everywhere we look.

Even very lean people can pick up bad habits from others and find themselves being greedy with their food and unable to stop.

Help to stop being greedy video

The video here is a light hypnotherapy trance which if listened to often can help you to stop being greedy, tranceforming this negative habit to a more resourceful way.

You will start to connect the dots together so that when you do overeat you are able to link the unpleasant feelings of fullness after you have been greedy with the desire or trigger that makes you overeat.

Once your brain connects how the greedy habit makes you feel overtime with the urge to be greedy, then a better choice is easier to make.

Hypnotherapy for overeating and being greedy

Birmingham based hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has recorded lots of free videos on this site using NLP and hypnotherapy to help you with your issues with food.

Weight loss trances, stopping binge eating trances and so much more.

Also Debbie has many low cost self help hypnotherapy recordings which can help with this sometimes complex issue.

Titles including;

Stop overeating http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_overeating.htm

Weight loss made easy http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/weight_loss_made_easy.htm

Lean for life http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/lean_for_life.htm

Stop eating chocolate  http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_chocolate_addiction.htm

Stop binge eating http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_eating.htm

Beat bulimia http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/beat_bulimia.htm

Exercise and enjoy it http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/exercise_and_enjoy_it.htm

Stop smoking and stay slim http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_smoking.htm

These recordings are like having a one to one with Debbie for a fraction of the cost (from £15)

Also please sign up and get your free hypnotherapy recording ”Stop worrying and create a wonderful life’



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I’ve binged my day is ruined

If you’ve had a binge eating episode, then many times the desire to just give up and give in the the binge eating behaviour is so great that you ruin the rest of the day ( or maybe even several days ) by just carrying on binging and binging.

Binge eaters and bulimic’s tend to see things in black and white and view a binge as evidence of failure to stick to their ‘diet’ which also is usually very strict with the emphasise on being good.

This gives no room to have the occasional ‘treat’ as that is deemed to be ‘bad’

Binge eating; black and white, good and bad

Binge eating; black and white thinking, either/or or good or bad.

When you think this way you are blind to all the shades of grey in-between the black and white spectrum of thought.

Please watch the video over and over to help yourself to realise you may be ‘stuck’ in this extreme form of thinking about food, eating, weight and binge eating.

Don’t let a binge ruin your day

Don’t let a binge ruin your day please bookmark this and come back and watch it if you find you have binged and ‘know’ you are heading down a very destructive path for the rest of the day ( or week).

Diets may have taught you to view food as good of bad and it’s time to change that mentality. And it is ‘mental’ as diets don’t work. They have a failure rate of over 90%.

I changed the name of my ‘weight loss made easy’ course to ‘lean for life’ as it was more accurate as I believe a better system to follow is to ‘model’ and ‘copy’ what naturally lean people do.

Even better to follow what naturally lean, healthy and happy people do which covers mind body and spirit.

Please watch any video that may help you with your goals and sign up for your free hypnosis download ‘stop worrying and create a wonderful life’


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Free weight loss hypnotherapy

Please use this free weight loss hypnotherapy trance on this video to help you to stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Debbie Williams, a hypnotherapist from Birmingham, UK  has helped 1000’s over the years to not only lose weight but to be lean for life by changing your attitude towards food and weight loss, so that weight loss becomes the side effect of changing the way you ‘feel’ and ‘behave’ towards food.

Paul McKenna’s assistant for many years

Now Birmingham based, Debbie has helped Paul McKenna for many, many years. Paul has referred countless clients to Debbie over the years and she has assisted him on over fifty NLP practitioner, NLP master practitioner, NLP trainer training, hypnosis in depth as well as his easy weight loss courses.

Debbie also has ran her own ‘weight loss made easy’ courses as well as ‘healthy living’ and ‘lean for life’ courses.

Debbie herself was overweight as a child and has used NLP and hypnosis to ‘cure’ herself of her unhealthy habits and to overcome her bulimia and binge eating which plagued her life.

She has been free for over 15 years and continues to help others to overcome their issues either working one to one of with her self help recordings in which her goal is to be able to help more people to have access to what has worked for her and her clients at a very affordable cost. ( from £15)http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_eating.htm

 Weight loss short hypnosis video

This short hypnosis video can be listened to when you only have a few minutes to spare.

It will enable you to switch of for a few moments from your busy day and may well be enough to re-set your motivation and determination to stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Listen to it often and check out the many other videos and resources on this site including your free ‘stop worrying’ download which will also enable you to receive Debbie’s monthly coaching newsletter to motivate you to achieve your goals.

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Stop eating bread

Published on 31 March, 2012 by in Addictions, Eating Disorders, Weight Loss


Stop eating bread

”I’m addicted to bread and I can stop eating bread once I start, can you help me to ‘not’ eat so much bread” This is a request I’ve been asked many times over the years. Finding that bread seems to control you rather than the other way around can sabotage any weight loss efforts.

Watch the video and close your eyes and let me programme your unconscious to reduce your desires and craving for bread.

Bread addiction is common

An addiction to bread where you feel you cannot stop eating it once you start is quite a common addiction.

Luckily by using the aversion technique that Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams demonstrates on the video above will help neutralise your bread cravings, still allowing you to enjoy bread but in a more ‘normal’ way.

NLP for bread addiction

NLP for bread addiction will give you back control over your cravings where you can look at bread and take it or leave it.

Please watch the ‘stop eating bread’ video a few times when you won’t be disturbed and allow your imagination to follow Debbie’s instructions so that your mind learns to link bread as an OK food not the be all and end all.


Watch the stop eating bread video all the way through…

Warning please watch the ‘stop eating bread ” video all the way through because if you only watch the first few minutes it may increase your cravings for bread!

This is very important as Debbie is linking in your mind to think ‘bread oh yes I love it, but no I don’t really want any right now’ This takes the whole of the video to be effective. Even better watch the video a few times so your mind ‘gets it’

Please, if you havn’t already sign up to get your free ‘stop worrying ‘ recording and my monthly coaching newsletter helping you to stay on track with your goals.

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Stop drinking wine

Help to stop drinking wine excessively. Sometimes we get into bad habits of drinking more than we know is good for us.

The occasional glass of wine midweek with a meal can sometimes build up into a daily occurrence.

How to stop drinking wine

Debbie Williams explains a simple strategy on this video which if you implement it will help curb your wine drinking habit. By having a plan you can break the habitual almost unconscious choice of drinking wine more often than you wish.

Its socially acceptable to drink alcohol but when you find it difficult to stop it can seem alarming and you wonder are you going down the slippery slope of becoming an alcoholic.

Wine drinking can contribute to being overweight

Drinking wine or any alcohol for that matter can add a tremendous amount of calories to your diet. But more than this is can actually trigger a false hunger making you eat unnecessarily more food than you planned = weight gain or sabotaging weight loss goals.

The one way it does this is after a drink of wine ( or any other alcohol) the internal dialogue shuts up. You know the inner voice that tells us what we should or should not do.

Our inner voice is quietened which also can let you think you need alcohol to relax and shut the mind chatter up.

Stop drinking wine with NLP tip one

We can stop drinking wine with the use of many strategies within NLP. One of which is to have a plan ie;

Only drink alcohol at weekends, making it a rule you stick to.

Perhaps cutting back to every other day of drinking wine.

Also cutting back the amount ie; 1-2 glasses instead of 1-2 bottles.

Having a written down plan makes it much more likely to be successful as it’s concrete and there in black and white.

Stop drinking wine with NLP tip two

Saying to yourself  ‘Ill have it later” over and over can ride the urge to drink and can help you to wean yourself of drinking wine everyday.

My hypnosis recording ‘Stop binge drinking ‘ also has loads more tips and hypnosis to help your mind to get in the right ‘state’ to want to stop. Its only £19 as a download if you feel you need extra help. http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_drinking.htm

Also please get your free ‘Stop worrying’ recording from this website as it will help you.



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