Testimonials for Birmingham Hypnotherapist

Here are some testimonials for Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams from clients who came to her Birmingham clinic for NLP and hypnotherapy.

Scroll down to see more testimonials for Debbie Williams who is a hypnotherapist and Master practitioner and trainer of NLP having assisted Dr Richard Bandler ( co-founder of NLP) and Paul McKenna since 1995 as well as helping life coach Tony Robbins for over 10 years after he first came to Birmingham in 1993.

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Birmingham soldier Craig Burgess talks about how his PTSD went after one session of NLP and hypnotherapy in Birmingham with Debbie Williams. See his second video also of his progress one week later.

Birmingham hypnotherapy testimonial;

For a thyroid problem, a miraculous and spontaneous remission

Former TV presenter Patrick Stockhausen talks about Debbie Williams hypnotherapy and NLP self help recording ‘Spontaneous remission from any disease” which he listened to over and over.

The medical profession couldn’t understand how his body returned his thyroid back to normal.

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Birmingham hypnotherapy testimonial;

Sarah was referred by her GP for bulimia

Hello Debbie
I must just give you an update about Sarah as I have thought about you a lot.
If you remember, you saw her Christmas / January – she is very much better and seems to have completely changed her eating habits.  She now enjoys fish and carrots – which she would never ever touch before!!  She doesn’t want to eat any take away or processed meals ( – we don’t have many, but when we do it is for a good reason  and this can be a problem !! ).
She is eating lots of pulses and beans, nuts and seeds.  Brown rice / jacket potatoes instead of white pasta.   I commented last week about how she never eats anything unhealthy and she said that she doesn’t think about it now.  She also said that the vomiting has stopped.  I asked her if she had lost weight and she said she didn’t know but I should think she has.  She’s going out running 3 times a week too!
GCSE exams in May / June so I hope she’ll continue.
Many thanks – just thought you’d like to know.  If you ever need any testimonials etc, let us know.
Judie Lloyd

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For a miraculous healing of Rosie’s Plunkets brother coming out of a coma after 55 days of continuous listening to Debbie’s hypnotherapy recording. Sign up here and you will gain access to the same recording for free.
See also Rosies other video where she talks more in-depth about her brothers miraculous recovery.

Birmingham hypnotherapy testimonial;

For panic attacks and anxiety. Hear Simon Lea from Sutton Coldfield Birmingham talk about how Debbie helped him overcome his panic attacks.

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