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How would you like to experience all the benefits of one-on-one time with a master hypnotherapist, but in the comfort of your own home, at times to suit you?

Expert hypnotherapist and Neuro-linguistic Programmer Debbie Williams has created a wide range of free recordings and informational videos with tips to help you understand, overcome and start to resolve what’s holding you back. And she’s made them available completely free on this website.

There are also plenty of motivational videos to inspire you to take the action you need to succeed in your goals… all here and all completely free.

The topics covered include…

Addictions Anxiety/Phobias Being Happy
Eating Disorders Emotional Issues Life Coaching
Motivation Post Traumatic Stress Disorders Weight Loss/Exercise

And that’s just getting started!

Debbie already has well over 100 videos and adds new content regularly on a huge variety of topics, so this site is truly the most comprehensive source of hypnotherapy and NLP material on the internet.

Debbie has been called ‘The female Paul McKenna’… and it’s understandable, as she has well and truly served her apprenticeship as an assistant to Paul since the mid 1990’s. She has helped him on over 50 practitioner and master practitioner courses, as well as being a trainer for him and Dr Richard Bandler on their NLP Trainer Training courses. Since then, she has worked with 1000’s of clients, many that Paul has personally referred to her over the years.

Debbie is still very much involved with NLP and hypnosis in her private practice. She also helped Paul on GMTV with the nation overcoming their addictions, as well as taking part in many other events with him. This is what he has to say about Debbie:

“Debbie is a skilled and effective NLP trainer and hypnotherapist with an amazing sense of humour and great compassion.”

Paul McKenna

What others have said:

“As a producer, writer and composer I come across a lot of hypnosis products, few of which are as good as Debbie William’s work. Her CDs are of the highest standard, with an excellent and intricate use of hypnotic language as well as a great vocal delivery that only comes from someone who is highly skilled in the fields of NLP and Hypnosis.”

Nick Kemp

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Debbie for a very long time and in that times she never fails to make me smile. She has the perfect combination of enthusiasm, dynamism and sheer talent and skill. If you have a problem you need fixing or help with an area of your life, then Debbie is the person to help you – her hypnotherapy work is some of the best I’ve ever come across and she does it with such heart.”

Michelle Allen (nee Loughney), Manager, McKenna Breen

“I first met Debbie Williams in an NLP Master Practitioner seminar, where she was working as an assistant for Dr Richard Bandler. One day, during the training, she demonstrated her skill in hypnotic language patterns. To be frank, her adeptness and subtlety really knocked me out… Debbie is one of the best hypnotists and Neuro-linguistic Programmers I know.”

Matthew Wingett, Editor of NLP Life Magazine

‘’I totally recommend Debbie Williams’s excellent recordings that contain a vast range of knowledge and usable tools drawn from her many years of experience working with clients.”

Steve Tromans, Just Be Well Clinic, No.1 Harley St. London

Please explore the material on this site as much as you like. It’s all completely free and will remain that way. Whatever obstacle you want to overcome or change you want to implement, you are guaranteed to find something for you!

Debbie has also trained, consulted, coached or performed for:

Nokia Phones, St Luke’s Adverting Agency London, Big Lottery Equity, NHS, Mohammed Al Fayed, Harrods Turkish Ambassador, Clothes Show Live, Spice Adventure Group, McKenna Breen.

Paul McKenna Training, Amway, Mums Night Out Wilmot Dixon, Aero-Lisi, TWR, James Pearce & Sons Solicitors and many other Law firms.