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There’s already enough material on this site for months of intensive home-study, but all the same, I’d like to offer you a free gift. I’ve produced an extensive range of hypnotherapy recordings for study at home and would like to offer you a free download of one of them, entitled ‘Stop Worrying and Create a Wonderful Life’.

So what is on this recording?

With my help, you’ll be amazed as problems dissolve into solutions, then opportunities, as you…

  • Always get a good night’s sleep
  • Learn strategies for visualisation
  • Develop a photographic memory
  • Unlock the Quantum Learning Machine you already have installed
  • Access the strategies of geniuses
  • Dump your worries into a Worry-buster Machine
  • Learn to work smart not hard
  • Harness your unconscious mind

This is all accomplished through methods I’ve developed through years of intensive study, including work with hypnotherapy and NLP pioneers Paul McKenna and Dr. Richard Bandler, as well as with the legendary Stephen Brookes of British Hypnosis Research.

If you’re curious about hypnotherapy but aren’t quite sure what to expect, then this is the perfect opportunity to try it for yourself in the comfort of your own home. Professionals and non-professionals alike have already praised my recordings as being an effective and accessible introduction to the power of hypnotherapy.

“This CD is another example of Debbie Williams’ creativity. It’s gentle, accessible, effective and delightful and I heartily recommend it.”

Dr Susan Elton, GP

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