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Debbie has also had much publicity for her fun job which is to teach belly dancing in her home town of Birmingham. She inspires her students to get fit, tone up and learn this often misunderstood art form. True belly dancing is much harder than you think and to master it requires practice, practice, practice, commitment and dedication.

Debbie teaches and dances as it is also such an enjoyable way to stay healthy and fit. As well as working the core area of the body unlike any other exercise does it also allows you to dress up in the most beautiful outfits and play.

You can see many of the photos here:


Debbie has also trained, consulted, coached or performed for:

Nokia Phones, St Luke’s Adverting Agency London, Big Lottery Equity, NHS, Mohammed Al Fayed, Harrods Turkish Ambassador, Clothes Show Live, Spice Adventure Group, McKenna Breen.

Paul McKenna Training, Amway, Mums Night Out Wilmot Dixon, Aero-Lisi, TWR, James Pearce & Sons Solicitors and many other Law firms.