3 tips not to overeat at buffets by Birmingham Hypnotherapist


Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams shares 3 tips to help you to not overeat at an event where there is a buffet style meal, perfect for Christmas



Its Christmas time and food is everywhere. Everybody has a tendency to overeat right about now esp on the big day, then set a New Years Resolution to lose weight but it never works does it? With Debbie Williams’s help you can prepare for the food in a controlled manor and then you wont have to set your self up to fail in 2013. Not only will this video help you at buffets you can check out Debbies other videos on help with Chocolate and other seasonal eating issues or follow on facebook 

If you do binge dont worry Debbie can help you get motivated and stay on track in 2013. Look out for her new free ebook in January. Debbie Williams Birmingham Hypnotherapist is here to help!

3 tips to not overeat at buffets, Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams shares 3 tips to help you to not overeat at an event where there is a buffet style meal.

Debbie Williams Is a Birmingham based weight loss and addictions expert. If you overat and want help to stop watch the videos here and on her Debbie Williams NLP channel, Including this on a Free hypnotic gastric band hypnosis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWoEViY0Bc0

If you need more help on how to not overeat at buffets also click the link to get more help with stopping overeatinghttp://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_overeating.htm

Tips to not overeat

Buffets can put fear in the dieters or binge eaters mind, so having a plan to counter act that is very useful

Tip to not overeat

Thinking through in advance of your favourite buffet foods and scaling each food item from 1-10 and only choosing the most liked foods to put on your plate which rates 9 or above.

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner Debbie Williams has many other videos to help you to stop overeating on her main you tube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/DebbieWilliamsNLP?feature=watch

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http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/ditch_the_dairy.htm help to stop eating cake, cheese, ice cream, biscuits pizza right now effective money back guarantee from only £19 hypnosis and NLP recording stop binging on these foods and get your control back

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Food Phobias and fussy eating

How to overcome your food phobia or being a fussy eater with Birmingham NLP Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams


Overcoming my food phobia

If you have a food phobia or a fussy eater and want to overcome your restrictive diet and perhaps learn how to stop gagging at new food then Birmingham NLP master practitioner Debbie Williams can help you with her self help NLP and hypnosis recording ”Overcoming a food phobia”

Is there a cure to my food phobia and fussy eating?

Yes you can re-train yourself to add more variety to a restricted diet to improve your health and well-being with Birmingham NLP and hypnosis self help recording.

Have a read what is on the overcoming a food phobia recording here

If you have a food phobia or have grown up on a restricted diet and want to eat more variety in your diet but keep gagging when you try new foods. Or maybe you think ” help me I can’t even try certain foods” then this Overcoming a food phobia hypnosis recording will help as it by-passes the conscious mind reducing the fear of eating helping you to lose the fussy eating tendencies as you gradually add more foods and feel comfortable eating them without gagging.
Let go of your restricted diets and fear of foods and phobia about eating once and for all.
Click the link to get your “overcoming a food phobia” right now. You can read more or just download it for £19 and leave your food phobia and fussy eating in the past.

When Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist works with clients one to one she uses techniques on her Ultimate confidence recording, it helps you understand what stops us from being confident and how sometimes it limits us in our ability to achieve our goals. She takes you through changing negative beliefs and using NLP to help you become confident whilst introducing simple strategy for change using your physiology. She will teach you that by saying a certain phrase whilst changing your internal focus will give you ‘Ultimate Confidence’ instantly.

You can start your journey  to overcome food phobia here 

Or if you would like to visit me at my Birmingham NLP clinic visit www.debbiewilliams.co.uk to book a session of NLP and hypnotherapy

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Binge eating hypnosis to treat a binge eater from £19  by Birmingham based hypnotherapist



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Stop Bulimia Now

This is another site of Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer. Please feel free to check it out. www.stopbulimia.co.uk

What is Bulimia?

Bulimia Nervosa is an addictive pattern of behaviour relating to food that mainly affects women—yet fewer than 4% of sufferers seek help. Well-known people like Princess Diana, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and Sharon Osbourne have suffered from it.


Overcome Binge Eating - Claim Your Free Report

Stop Bulimia Now

Stop bulimia now with Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams self hypnosis recordings which you can listen to at home helping you recover in the comfort of your own home .

Free Report The 7 Mistakes Bulimics make Keeping Them Trapped

Get your free report the 7 mistakes bulimics and binge eaters make which stops you from fully leaving binging and bulimia in your past where it belongs.

There are many useful pages on the stop bulimia website and free help with videos to help you to stop binge eating.

Bulimics and binge eater eat when they are tired, lonely, bored, upset and even happy. Yes happiness can also be a trigger to a bulimic episode, maybe not as strong as the other triggers to binge.

If you are bulimic or a binge eater please get your free report and watch the videos on the stop bulimia website as they will help support you to overcome bulimia and binge eating.

Freedom from bulimia

Freedom from bulimia and binge eating is possible. Go on the stop bulimia website and read my story. I had bulimia for over 10 years and then binge ate for another 5 years as I was recovering from bulimia.

I have been free of bulimia and binge eating for over 15 years now and have a healthy relationship with food.

Wouldn’t you like to be free from bulimia and binge eating?

Please click the link and get your free report the 7 mistakes binge eaters and bulimics make. This is another site of Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer. Please feel free to check it out. www.stopbulimia.co.uk

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Free Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis

http://debbiewilliamsrecordings.com/stop_binge_eating.htm free Stop Binge eating hypnosis trance by Birmingham Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams

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Slimming is something that many participate in, slimming for that event, slimming for a holiday or slimming for health reasons.

Reasons for slimming

Whatever you reason for slimming doesn’t matter, but many find when they try to get slim it seems difficult and they fail in their slimming quest.
Slimming can be tackled in a different way as trying to slim or diet can lead to feelings of deprivation and hardship, then rebellion against any weight loss plans.

How to get slim

How to get slim is usually matched with the idea of diets, yet diets fail 90% of the time leaving slimmers disillusioned with the whole process of trying to shift those extra pounds of their body.

Slimming recipes

By slimming recipes, I’m not talking about food here, I’m talking about the recipe for how to get slim and how to get healthy in the process.
If slimmers combine the goals of how to get slim and how to get healthy at the same time they stand a higher chance of success.

Hypnosis for slimming

When you add hypnosis for slimming into the equation then the rate of success in slimming rises dramatically. Many studies have shown how to get slim with hypnosis means that the weight drops of easier and stays of also.

NLP for slimming

When slimmers have used NLP combined with hypnosis to get slim then their chances of how to get slim and become slim for life increases up to 70%.
Slimming by dieting conventional methods = 90 % failure versus slimming with hypnosis and NLP up to 70% success.

Birmingham hypnotherapy slimming help

Slimming expert NLP trainer and Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams had produced many recordings for slimmers including Lean for life which teaches you not only how to get slim, but how to get healthy and be lean healthy and happy for life and weight loss made easy as well as stop overeating and other titles. http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/cds_food_eating_issues.htm

Slimmers weight loss made easy

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie uses hypnosis to plant strategies for slimmers to make their journey to get slim a lot easier than trying to become slim by themselves. There are many videos here that will be useful for slimmers as well as Debbie’s online shop http://debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/cds_food_eating_issues.htm where you can get extra hypnosis help from only £15  http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/weight_loss_made_easy.htm

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Tips to Overcome Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating

Be honest and true to yourself and break free of your food torture

Bulimics and binge eaters mistake tiredness for hunger and are totally disconnected to the actual emotional reasons which trigger a binge. This means you are triggered to eat when you become tired. However, it’s not just tiredness that can lead to a binge. Any one of a myriad of emotions can lead to unconscious eating such as stress, boredom, sadness, feeling fed up, lonely, insecure, worried, scared and so on. Even happiness can trigger a binge.

The good news is you can cease the cycle of this destructive behaviour and learn to interpret the true meaning behind your feelings. You’ll be able to handle the stress you feel much more effectively. Here’s how.

First tip to overcome bulimia nervosa and binge eating

1, Ask yourself these questions over and over again each day.

What do I need to learn to move on, to make my life better?  What must I do to improve things?

By repeating these questions you will programme your brain to consistently look for the answers and slowly break out of your destructive eating cycle rather than feeling low.

You will be focusing on the positive, on solutions to break out of your destructive eating merry-go-round rather than feeling repeatedly bad and guilty and then drugging yourself with food in an attempt to avoid your pain.

Second tip to overcome binge eating and bulimia

2. I’ll have it later

This is an extremely helpful phrase to use when fighting those urges. Bulimics and binge eaters commonly misunderstand the nature of urges. A very important thing to know is that you will only have to deal with an urge for two to three minutes. They don’t last longer than that. Just knowing this fact can give you an immense amount of freedom because even though the urges seem so powerful and last forever, you spend most of the day – hundreds of minutes – free from any urgency of thinking whatsoever.

This simple phrase “I’ll have it later”, will help you drown out those internal voices telling you to binge. It is far easier for your mind to listen to a “yes” rather than a “no” and, by repeating this phrase when an urge to eat overwhelms you, your mind just thinks, “okay, later then”.

Essentially, by saying this phrase, you are reprogramming your mind to change thinking patterns, behaviours and habits into much more useful, empowering effective ones, allowing you to be lean, healthy and happy now.

This is a technique used in Neurolinguistic Programming. The NLP and hypnotherapeutic approach to health and healing is like finding an owners manual for your mind and is highly effective in helping you to stop bulimia and binge eating forever.

Debbie Williams invites you to claim your free EBook ‘The 7 mistakes binge eaters and bulimics make keeping them trapped forever ‘ http://www.stopbulimia.co.uk

For more help to overcome Bulimia Nervosa visit Food Issues – Self Help CDs

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6909208

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How to be lean

Published on 21 April, 2012 by in Eating Disorders, How To Be Lean


How to be lean

How do you get to be lean and how do you stay healthy and keep healthy too?
The answer is in studying how naturally lean, healthy happy people are able to be lean and stay lean.
To be lean you need to have the lean persons mindset and to focus on how to be lean and how to get healthy rather than the traditional diet and weight loss approach which has a 90 % failure rate.


How to be lean

Becoming lean is something that a high percentage of the western world struggle with. This is the first video recording of a series by Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams. There’s lots of free help here on how to be lean and to finally lose that excess weight, this time for good.

Feel free to suggest ideas in the comments box below for future video to help you to be lean. I have mentioned some of my self help hypnosis recordings because trying to lose weight to become lean may need more support. All of my self help recordings which will help you to become lean are like a one to one session but for a fraction the cost.

How to be lean with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can help you on your quest of “how to be lean” as ‘How to be lean?’ is a question Birmingham  hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has been asked many times and it inspired her to record her “lean for life” NLP and hypnosis product which you can listen to in the comfort of your own home.
How to be lean for life hypnosis and NLP recording can teach you how to be lean and by just listening to the trance, you will relax and have suggestions planted in your unconscious mind of how to live healthy and how to stay healthy as well as being lean and losing any excess weight.

How to be lean with NLP

NLP can fast track your mind on how to be lean and how to get  healthy right now. It does this with strategies of naturally lean people and you create a workable plan on how to get healthy, slimming your body and allowing yourself to “be lean”.
Please check out other free videos on this site which will help you overcome barriers in how to be lean.


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Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics help

This short video explains the importance of having a strategy or plan in your quest to overcome your eating problems.

Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics all have their battles and issues with food to the point where it can consume their whole day constantly obsessing about food, thinking about it.

If the thought of food and eating and body size and worries  never leaves your conscious awareness for long, then its time to do something about it.

Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics – answer is the same

Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics – answer is the same and that is to learn to eat as a naturally lean, healthy happy person does and to model their thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food.

Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics also need to have a plan with behavioural style goals rather than weigh on the scales as a measurement.

By that I mean goals to eat in accordance with the actual size of ones stomach and to have a plan with the focus towards healthy natural food the body recognises and is able to use as well as some so called ‘naughty’ or ‘junk’ food.

The ratio being ideally 90% healthy 10 % not so good food which we need at times to let us know we can have something that feeds our soul.

Learn to be in tune with your body’s true needs

Your body needs healthy foods it can use. Many times a craving can be sent out when the body senses something is missing, Binge eaters, overeaters and bulimics often mistake this as hunger and overeat the wrong foods and shortly after the same cycle continues over and over.

Autopsies in America have shown that people were overfed (fat) yet were showing signs of malnutrition.

Having a plan of healthy foods which are nutrient dense yet calorie poor, in other words fruits, salads and vegetables and making friends with the plant kingdom ensures you are eating lower down on the food chain.

It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef. This will mean you will be benefiting from 16 pounds of grain or soya which will have been sprayed with any number of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, which I don’t think is good for us.

If you eat when you are stressed then my free stop worrying recording may help. There are also lots of free videos on this website to help you.


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