Why I decided to make all this available for free

The concept of this site has actually been years in the making…

Throughout my career I’ve worked with some of the best hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners in the world. This included assisting Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler on about 50 NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. I also assisted Tony Robbins for 10 years on all his UK based courses after he came to Birmingham in 1993 to do his first European UPW event.

These experiences allowed me to see NLP and hypnotherapy employed at the highest levels and inspired me to constantly better my own skills and explore cutting-edge techniques.

As a result, I developed a very high media profile, with appearances on TV, the radio and in national newspapers, talking about NLP and its benefits. It was great, but it soon became clear to me that there was still work to be done in getting as many people as possible to experience the power of NLP and hypnotherapy.

For a start, there were far too many high-profile hypnotherapists who were not great representatives of the art, leaving a negative impression of hypnotherapy as a whole on many people. The public simply had no idea how powerful NLP and hypnotherapy are when employed by a skilled, highly-trained practitioner.

Second, not everyone could necessarily attend the various seminars available and would thus miss out on the benefits. The solution was obvious – make my expertise easily accessible to everyone, so they could implement it for themselves and see the results first-hand. And thus, this site was born!

I am dedicated to not only constantly bettering my own skills, but sharing my discoveries with others and helping them live wonderful lives. This extends to all aspects of my work, not just this site.

I’ve also created over 30 hypnosis products, which are just like having a one-to-one session with me in the comfort of your own home (and for a fraction of the cost!).

Here is the link to my online shop if you’d like to find out more – www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk

For those working to overcome bulimia, I have set up a special website – www.stopbulimia.co.uk – with free coaching videos and a free report: ‘The 7 Mistakes Binge Eaters Make’.


Of course, to live a balanced life, you need to exercise, as well as eat well and develop emotional intelligence.

That’s why my fun job is teaching belly dance (I even got Paul McKenna in a costume once!). Find out more at www.birminghambellydance.co.uk.


I’m also the founder member of BAMBA (Birmingham and Midlands Belly Dance Association), where I helped organise two festivals at the Birmingham Hippodrome, putting belly dancing in Birmingham firmly on the map. www.bamba.org.uk

Debbie has also trained, consulted, coached or performed for:

Nokia Phones, St Luke’s Adverting Agency London, Big Lottery Equity, NHS, Mohammed Al Fayed, Harrods Turkish Ambassador, Clothes Show Live, Spice Adventure Group, McKenna Breen.

Paul McKenna Training, Amway, Mums Night Out Wilmot Dixon, Aero-Lisi, TWR, James Pearce & Sons Solicitors and many other Law firms.