Stop Worry

 With the millionaire strategy to stop worry

If you are a worrier then this is another strategy to enable you to stop worry in it’s tracks.

When my friend Paul McKenna was researching for his book ‘I can make you rich’’ he interviewed many millionaires and what amazed him was how calm they seemed.
He was curious how could they be so laid back not worry yet make decisions which could potentially cost them and their business fortunes?

Millionaires still worry but have a final step

 Each millionaire he asked he noticed a similar response.

They all used a process that is known as downside planning which involves worrying but with a third crucial step.
It goes like this…

Step One of; ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Think about the upcoming event, business deal or transaction in detail.

Step Two of ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Think about everything which could go wrong, imagine the worse possible out come (commonly known as worrying about it)
And the most crucial step…

Step Three of ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Come up with solutions to each eventuality and worry and keep going until you are satisfied with your answers to the worries
When they did this and realised they could handle the worse possible outcome if necessary then it was all guns blazing to the outcome they really wanted.
What if you did the same with your worries

Step One of; ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Think of all the things which worry you.

It will help if you write them out on a piece of paper. Millionaires are known for their list writing and rightly so as it gets it out of your head and allows you to develop strategies and plans for a better future.

Step Two of ; ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Consider, imagine all that could go wrong with everything you worry about. Again writing them out means you can see from the outside in.

Step Three of ; ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Plan a solution or an acceptance that you could handle the worse outcome to every issue or maybe even realise how totally unlikely your worry would actually happen.
Now its time to focus on what you want to have happen instead and devise a step by step plan to get it.
Follow your plan for a successful outcome and make adjustments along the way as necessary if any new worries or concerns come up.

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3 tips not to overeat at buffets by Birmingham Hypnotherapist


Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams shares 3 tips to help you to not overeat at an event where there is a buffet style meal, perfect for Christmas



Its Christmas time and food is everywhere. Everybody has a tendency to overeat right about now esp on the big day, then set a New Years Resolution to lose weight but it never works does it? With Debbie Williams’s help you can prepare for the food in a controlled manor and then you wont have to set your self up to fail in 2013. Not only will this video help you at buffets you can check out Debbies other videos on help with Chocolate and other seasonal eating issues or follow on facebook 

If you do binge dont worry Debbie can help you get motivated and stay on track in 2013. Look out for her new free ebook in January. Debbie Williams Birmingham Hypnotherapist is here to help!

3 tips to not overeat at buffets, Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams shares 3 tips to help you to not overeat at an event where there is a buffet style meal.

Debbie Williams Is a Birmingham based weight loss and addictions expert. If you overat and want help to stop watch the videos here and on her Debbie Williams NLP channel, Including this on a Free hypnotic gastric band hypnosis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWoEViY0Bc0

If you need more help on how to not overeat at buffets also click the link to get more help with stopping overeatinghttp://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_overeating.htm

Tips to not overeat

Buffets can put fear in the dieters or binge eaters mind, so having a plan to counter act that is very useful

Tip to not overeat

Thinking through in advance of your favourite buffet foods and scaling each food item from 1-10 and only choosing the most liked foods to put on your plate which rates 9 or above.

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner Debbie Williams has many other videos to help you to stop overeating on her main you tube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/DebbieWilliamsNLP?feature=watch

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http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/home.htm NLP Trainer Debbie Williams talks about how we sabotage ourselves and what we can do to resolve things. if you click the link you can get a free hypnosis recording

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Mind for Success

Published on 22 May, 2012 by in Being Happy, How To Be Lean, Motivation, NLP


Simple yet powerful strategy to program your mind for the outcome you want, you can plan in success just as top athletes see themselves winning in their minds eye you too can harness the power of your mind to work for you

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Help me to be happy and help me find happiness. How to be happy get your free hypnosis recording stop worrying and create a wonderful life from here http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/
Help me to be happy and help me find happiness and how to change life for the better by learning to be happy, you can learn to be happy or if you are thinking “help me be happy again” this free positive psychology sel help hypnosis recording Is a great place to start.
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With Quotes about happiness from Paul McKenna and others to how to have a happy life.
“help me to be happy” and “”help me find happiness” is a question Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has been asked many times. Being happy is a state of mind and Debbie is happy to help you learn to be happy with her many free hypnosis self help recordings and self help videos.
Being happy can be taught as a process of “mind over matter” and authentic happiness and having a happy life is your birth right.
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Help me to be happy Help me find happiness happy.com happy life being happy happy quotes what is happiness Happiness learn to be happy authentic happiness help me be happy again am I depressed you can be happy help self positive psychology www.happy happiness movie self help happiness definition happy happy peace Tips Tutorial fulfillment brain live purpose passion routine psychology cheer up blues worlds Needs
Standard YouTube License

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How to be happy; questions are the answer

Happiness?and how to be happy. Could this be the answer to any emotional/ mental problem ? Could it be studying how to be happy and focusing on having balance in our life ( even as an obsessional goal)  give us that elusive peace of mind.
Could it really be that simple?
As Milton said The mind is it’s own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven
Can you answer the following: How do we ‘get happy then ?’
Can happiness be learned and cultivated?
What is happiness to you?
How would you know if you had it? and how can you start to recognise when you are happy?
Do you seem to sabotage any happiness and want to know how to stop?
Who are you really and why are you here?
How can you make sense of it all?
Could the answer be that at this point in history  you are discovering your brain has an agenda all of its own and one you don’t much care for most of the time. Our lives in modern times, whilst being stressful also gives us time to think.
We need to have a better perspective of this ol’ brain and take the reins for a change. If someone offered you the gift of the owners manual, would you use it?
Sports people have the secret, wonder what it is?

How to be happy is it just a habit you can master?

Well we have the owners manual here for you right now and how to build the happiness habit.
What if over the next 21 days you committed to ‘practicing ‘ happiness by everyday answering the following questions
1, How can I be happier right now?
2 What 3 things have made me smile or laugh today?
3 What are the possible areas of my live that feed into happy/rewarding feelings?
4 Have an attitude of gratitude; What am I grateful for right now?
5 I wonder what miracles I’m going to witness/or be a part of today?
As Paul McKenna says ‘’The trouble with happiness is people don’t practice it’’
The secret that sports people is focus, that’s it focus on what you want.
‘’You must spend at least 90% of your focus on what you want’’ Debbie Williams
What you practice and focus on you will get more of,lets get building the happiness habit.
Recognise you are in the top 10% richest human beings on this planet. You are already the chosen one.
You could of been born into abject poverty, but your not.

Here are a few more happiness quotes to get you thinking

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection,which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is bitterest. Confucius
With NLP and hypnotherapy we can teach you how to step into the shoes of genuinely happy people to gain insight (in sight) from the inside to shed your layer of pain, worry and faulty thinking and to accelerate your progress to become happier and happier.
Its time to stop a bad habit and start a good one.

For more useful items to help you be happy visit www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk

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Law of attraction

Law of attraction made popular from the movie ‘The secret ‘ Rhonda Byrne is the inspiration for the free ‘Law of attraction’ video.

Planting suggestions of being in the right place at the right time.

Feeling you life is in flow and you are attracting to yourself your hopes and  dreams.

Law of attraction; being in flow

Law of attraction allows you to be in flow when you attune yourself to who you really are.

When you allow yourself to release all the worries, concerns and busyness which takes up your day then life becomes easier and easier.

You find you can begin to live your life in the miracle zone.

Law of attraction trance

This law of attraction trance by Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams will help you to harness the power of your mind to create greater things in your life.

Law of attraction; thoughts are things

The law of attraction states thoughts are things and what you think about you bring about.

You get in your life more of what you focus on. Think about it now and try not to think of the colour blue.

Have you not thought about it?  How many times do you feel you are working on your ‘issue’ and getting no-where with it?

Could it be that you are focusing continually on the problem but not the solution?

Law of attraction an example

An example of the law of attraction is of many private clients who come to me with issues with food.

They say to me ‘I just want to stop binge eating ‘ or ‘I don’t want to be fat’ or ‘I just can’t stop eating’ . I help them to change their focus to learn to eat as a lean, healthy happy person does ensuring they work towards a goal that feels more positive and moves away from the dieting watching your weight model.

Please download your ‘stop worrying and create a wonderful life recording’ if you havn’t already.

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