Here’s what we covered at the last Birmingham NLP Practice Day

Plus what some of the attendees said….

Jane Mallin It was a great day

Gavin Smith Great day, , lookin FOOOWOORD. Sept 7th

Jude Edwards Brilliant day. Practically perfect infact!

Nicki Ritchie Had a fantastic day Debbie, thank you.

Fay Murray I truly had a fantastic day. Thank you for the experience
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The Schedule For The  NLP Hypnosis Day

Saturday 6th July  Day Schedule

The main outcome for the NLP day is that people have fun, learn some new NLP and hypnosis skills and / or mastery of skills

Debbie Williams used to run ”The Birmingham and Midlands NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group” for many years after attending Tony Robbins in Birmingham in 1993 and then training in NLP with Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna whom she has assisted since 1996 Bimingham based NLP Trainer Debbie took a break when her son was born.

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Birmingham NLP Outline For The Day

If you are newish to NLP and look at the exercises thinking; What? Debbie will explain them in easy to understand terms

Arrive 10am for 10.30am start

NLP Hypnosis Exercise 1

Setting outcomes using NLP model

NLP and Hypnosis Exercise 2

Language patterns for hypnosis and practice

11.45 am – 15 min break teas/ coffees provided


NLP Hypnosis Exercise 3

Submodalities exercise confusion into understanding (with a twist)

1pm – Lunch – Please bring a pack lunch

There will be opportunity to ask questions and network


NLP Hypnosis Exercise 4

Fun exercise for listening skills
NLP and Hypnosis Exercise 5

More language patterns

3.15pm – 15 min teas/coffee break


Hypnosis Exercise 6

Hypnosis practice.

NLP Exercise 7

A simple way to remember the meta model

Review day/ suggestions for next time/ possibly a short trance

4.30pm – finish


Our next meeting will be held on 6th September visit debbiewilliams.co.uk for more information

Here’s some Pics from the day.



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Stop Bulimia Now

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What is Bulimia?

Bulimia Nervosa is an addictive pattern of behaviour relating to food that mainly affects women—yet fewer than 4% of sufferers seek help. Well-known people like Princess Diana, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and Sharon Osbourne have suffered from it.


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Bulimics and binge eater eat when they are tired, lonely, bored, upset and even happy. Yes happiness can also be a trigger to a bulimic episode, maybe not as strong as the other triggers to binge.

If you are bulimic or a binge eater please get your free report and watch the videos on the stop bulimia website as they will help support you to overcome bulimia and binge eating.

Freedom from bulimia

Freedom from bulimia and binge eating is possible. Go on the stop bulimia website and read my story. I had bulimia for over 10 years and then binge ate for another 5 years as I was recovering from bulimia.

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Wouldn’t you like to be free from bulimia and binge eating?

Please click the link and get your free report the 7 mistakes binge eaters and bulimics make. This is another site of Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer. Please feel free to check it out. www.stopbulimia.co.uk

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