Cocaine Addiction Help In Birmingham

If you are looking for the best help for cocaine addiction then then let previous clients of Debbie Williams tell you their own story.

We believe it is the most effective and affordable help to break your addiction to cocaine and its not just us saying its the best help for cocaine addiction around.

Anyone can write testimonials on a website, but you cannot fake real people telling their story.

Here is testimonial number 11 of many. Most clients do NOT want to go on camera, so these are just a small example of the 1000’s Debbie has helped over the years.

Hypnosis On Its Own Is Not Enough

Many clients have tried regular hypnotherapy and its not helped them.

They may feel relaxed but the method Debbie has developed over the last 20 plus years is really effective in breaking the hold (and paranoia) that a cocaine addiction creates in you.

Using her 20 plus years of experience teaching NLP & hypnosis. Debbie combines unique strategies she has developed to work consciously and unconsciously so you can look at cocaine and think;

“Don’t want it, no desire, its a mugs game…”

Debbie teaches students to become hypnotherapists at Regents College London as well as running regular NLP & Hypnosis Practice Groups in Birmingham.

She is the hypnotherapist and NLP trainer that Paul McKenna recommends.

What Will It Cost Me To Overcome My Cocaine Habit ?

Normally it is a double breakthrough session at £297 (which can be paid by credit card) followed by two single sessions at £149. This has a success rate of 80%. (£595)

One or two more sessions are needed for some but even then it will come in under £900 which is less than rehab for cocaine addiction and any other services out there. We then get a 95% success rate.

The 5% that this method doesn’t fully work for are normally clients sent by partners/family members or work has paid for them and the commitment is not always there.

That said, we still are able to help most of them get to a point of wanting to stop.

We give them helpful tools and strategies and we get emails months later that many do stop on their own when they are ready.

This Chap Took A Few More Sessions To Get There

How Do I Book A Treatment Session For My Cocaine Addiction ?

You can call us on 0121 241 0728 or book a session to break free from cocaine abuse online here.

Because the initial outlay is £297 which you can pay by credit card and then you pay as you go, many find as they stop the monies saved pays for their treatment.

Honest Ethical Therapist Helped Me With My Cocaine Problem

This chap had been to different hypnotherapists and NLP people also had various specific phase frequency treatment and other treatments which worked for a few days and then he was back on it but cost him £1000’s and he was still addicted to cocaine.

Debbie does try to work within your budget and does offer some concessionary places each month.

What Happens In A Session To Help Me Get Of Cocaine?

Here Debbie talk about what will happen at her Birmingham Cocaine Addiction Help Clinic. Of course each individual has unique needs that Debbie will address within sessions.

At the end of each session, Debbie records a hypnotic trance to capture what has been achieved within your session and for you to have to listen to in-between sessions to strengthen your resolve to quit.

She also has a self help option which if listened to over and over will help you break free from your addiction to cocaine.

This is only £19 to download and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. A one to one session will always be more effective as it is geared up to you. She gives you this download as well as extra support.

Please Do Your Research On Cocaine Treatments Near Birmingham

Here are some more videos for you to watch from real people who have come for treatment to overcome their cocaine addiction.

Bookmark this page and research what help their is to quit cocaine before you decide where you want to go. As we have said previously anyone can write convincing testimonials on a website, but you cannot fake real people.

More Talking About The Best Help For Cocaine Addiction In Birmingham

Visit Debbie’s Youtube Channel For Even More Testimonial Evidence

Click the video to watch on youtube and search Debbie Williams Cocaine Help Birmingham to see even more videos and helpful tips to stop abusing cocaine.

Please share this page to anyone who may need some help or visit our page Stop Cocaine Abuse on FaceBook

Unbearable Anxiety Taking It Every 3 Days To Freedom

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Here’s what we covered at the last Birmingham NLP Practice Day

Plus what some of the attendees said….

Jane Mallin It was a great day

Gavin Smith Great day, , lookin FOOOWOORD. Sept 7th

Jude Edwards Brilliant day. Practically perfect infact!

Nicki Ritchie Had a fantastic day Debbie, thank you.

Fay Murray I truly had a fantastic day. Thank you for the experience
Check out our NLP facebook page for more comments and to join in

The Schedule For The  NLP Hypnosis Day

Saturday 6th July  Day Schedule

The main outcome for the NLP day is that people have fun, learn some new NLP and hypnosis skills and / or mastery of skills

Debbie Williams used to run ”The Birmingham and Midlands NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group” for many years after attending Tony Robbins in Birmingham in 1993 and then training in NLP with Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna whom she has assisted since 1996 Bimingham based NLP Trainer Debbie took a break when her son was born.

Stay in touch with the latest news by following us on facebook, click on the link below

Birmingham NLP Outline For The Day

If you are newish to NLP and look at the exercises thinking; What? Debbie will explain them in easy to understand terms

Arrive 10am for 10.30am start

NLP Hypnosis Exercise 1

Setting outcomes using NLP model

NLP and Hypnosis Exercise 2

Language patterns for hypnosis and practice

11.45 am – 15 min break teas/ coffees provided


NLP Hypnosis Exercise 3

Submodalities exercise confusion into understanding (with a twist)

1pm – Lunch – Please bring a pack lunch

There will be opportunity to ask questions and network


NLP Hypnosis Exercise 4

Fun exercise for listening skills
NLP and Hypnosis Exercise 5

More language patterns

3.15pm – 15 min teas/coffee break


Hypnosis Exercise 6

Hypnosis practice.

NLP Exercise 7

A simple way to remember the meta model

Review day/ suggestions for next time/ possibly a short trance

4.30pm – finish


Our next meeting will be held on 6th September visit debbiewilliams.co.uk for more information

Here’s some Pics from the day.



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NLP Meta Model

In the mid 1970’s  Richard Bandler and John Grindler studied various psychotherapists who had great success in helping their patients.
At the time they noticed there was a lot written about how people were “broken” but nothing about how to fix them!
They wanted to discover what was the difference in what these therapists did to get consistent results.
They looked at the language structure of these therapists, how they interacted with their patients, the questions they asked and came up with model of language which became known as the meta model.

NLP Meta Model Language

The meta model was basically the art of using language to clarify meaning. Misunderstandings can happen because the same words can have entirely different meanings to each individual .
For example ask a few people what “A relationship” means to them you will get different answers as they will be making their choices based on numerous factors and influences in their life.
Someone who has been cheated on will describe “A relationship” differently than one who values excitement above all else in their relationship.


Meta, the word itself comes from Greek and means above and beyond.
In the Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group we visit parts of the meta model on our practice days and overtime understanding and utilisation of the NLP Meta Model happens easily.
It can be used to influence, to excel  in interviews to sell and improve business and performance in sports.

Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group

NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner Debbie Williams who leads the Birmingham NLP practice group values teaching concepts in a way which is easy to grasp the basics.
Debbie creates a way to remember the simple overall concept of the meta model so you can use it and get fantastic results immediately and overtime if you choose to you can learn it in more depth and become highly skilled.

If you are curious about NLP you can find our more when the next Birmingham NLP and hypnosis practice day is.
It has NLP practitioners, Master practitioners and those who are just curious and wanting to find out a bit more about NLP. The group is very welcoming and friendly and would love to have you.

If you wanted a one to one session with Debbie you can contact her here

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Need help with social phobia

Do you think you have a social phobia?

Maybe you feel you give the impression you are unfriendly, yet its because you feel you have nothing interesting to say?

Its a problem interacting with new people or taking part in group activities?

Did you know there’s a way for you to feel comfortable in a group?  Birmingham NLP master practitioner Debbie Williams teaches you a few strategies in the video below.

You can feel like you belong there and to have the confidence to allow to speak with out fearing whats going to come out of your mouth.

The video below will give you some helpful hints and NLP based tips whilst explaining a possible cause of social phobia.

Social Phobia Case Study

One of my clients a lady in her late twenties had a social phobia and came to see me because she felt that she couldn’t take part in groups chats or talk to strangers at parties as her confidence would fly out the window and what ever she said would come out wrong.

This lead her to stand there feeling arwkard and wanting to exit the situation.  We talked about her beliefs and how they impact in maintaining the social phobia.

After a few sessions in my Birmingham NLP clinic, my client was comfortably using the strategies I talk about in the video.

When I asked what is going well, she said “I find my self chatting to strangers by accident now, I was at the bus stop, the bus was late and I joined in a conversation with 4 other people about why it could be late, I would never have done that before and now I cant stop. I’m ready to take on friends and family now, I care what these people think of me, I’m not scared of this fact anymore, I feel I have the key to unlock more and more confidence in myself”

After a few weeks she came back for a follow up session just to make sure every thing was ok. My client was a lot happier, having attended a wedding and family birthday, 2 situations she would have hated before.

” Debs Ive been listening to your Ultimate confidence recording and doing the exercises on there as well as your  free  Stop Worrying download, I feel so much better, I chatted and I even danced!”

Take a look at my video see if it can help you with your social phobia.

If you want to visit me at my Birmingham NLP clinic visit www.debbiewilliams.co.uk to book a session of NLP and hypnotherapy

Read more about what is on my ‘Ultimate Confidence” NLP and hypnosis recording here






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Stop Worry

 With the millionaire strategy to stop worry

If you are a worrier then this is another strategy to enable you to stop worry in it’s tracks.

When my friend Paul McKenna was researching for his book ‘I can make you rich’’ he interviewed many millionaires and what amazed him was how calm they seemed.
He was curious how could they be so laid back not worry yet make decisions which could potentially cost them and their business fortunes?

Millionaires still worry but have a final step

 Each millionaire he asked he noticed a similar response.

They all used a process that is known as downside planning which involves worrying but with a third crucial step.
It goes like this…

Step One of; ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Think about the upcoming event, business deal or transaction in detail.

Step Two of ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Think about everything which could go wrong, imagine the worse possible out come (commonly known as worrying about it)
And the most crucial step…

Step Three of ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Come up with solutions to each eventuality and worry and keep going until you are satisfied with your answers to the worries
When they did this and realised they could handle the worse possible outcome if necessary then it was all guns blazing to the outcome they really wanted.
What if you did the same with your worries

Step One of; ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Think of all the things which worry you.

It will help if you write them out on a piece of paper. Millionaires are known for their list writing and rightly so as it gets it out of your head and allows you to develop strategies and plans for a better future.

Step Two of ; ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Consider, imagine all that could go wrong with everything you worry about. Again writing them out means you can see from the outside in.

Step Three of ; ‘The Millionaire Stop Worry Strategy”

Plan a solution or an acceptance that you could handle the worse outcome to every issue or maybe even realise how totally unlikely your worry would actually happen.
Now its time to focus on what you want to have happen instead and devise a step by step plan to get it.
Follow your plan for a successful outcome and make adjustments along the way as necessary if any new worries or concerns come up.

Get your free Stop Worry hypnosis download now

Get your own free hypnosis recording by Birmingham hypnotherapist ”Stop worrying and create a wonderful life” here http://debbiewilliams-tv.cloudaccess.host/free-recording/


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3 tips not to overeat at buffets by Birmingham Hypnotherapist


Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams shares 3 tips to help you to not overeat at an event where there is a buffet style meal, perfect for Christmas



Its Christmas time and food is everywhere. Everybody has a tendency to overeat right about now esp on the big day, then set a New Years Resolution to lose weight but it never works does it? With Debbie Williams’s help you can prepare for the food in a controlled manor and then you wont have to set your self up to fail in 2013. Not only will this video help you at buffets you can check out Debbies other videos on help with Chocolate and other seasonal eating issues or follow on facebook 

If you do binge dont worry Debbie can help you get motivated and stay on track in 2013. Look out for her new free ebook in January. Debbie Williams Birmingham Hypnotherapist is here to help!

3 tips to not overeat at buffets, Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams shares 3 tips to help you to not overeat at an event where there is a buffet style meal.

Debbie Williams Is a Birmingham based weight loss and addictions expert. If you overat and want help to stop watch the videos here and on her Debbie Williams NLP channel, Including this on a Free hypnotic gastric band hypnosis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWoEViY0Bc0

If you need more help on how to not overeat at buffets also click the link to get more help with stopping overeatinghttp://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_overeating.htm

Tips to not overeat

Buffets can put fear in the dieters or binge eaters mind, so having a plan to counter act that is very useful

Tip to not overeat

Thinking through in advance of your favourite buffet foods and scaling each food item from 1-10 and only choosing the most liked foods to put on your plate which rates 9 or above.

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner Debbie Williams has many other videos to help you to stop overeating on her main you tube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/DebbieWilliamsNLP?feature=watch

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Stop Binge Drinking

Stop binge drinking now. How to stop abusing alcohol with hypnosis and NLP effective treatment.

Learn to drink like a normal person does drinking moderately and not overdoing it with Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams help.

Binge drinking help

If you binge drink and need help to stop binge drinking then Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner Debbie Williams hypnosis recording may be the only help you need to stop binge drinking right now. www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_drinking

 Problems caused by binge drinking

Binge drinking is one of the reasons liver disease has increased in the UK over the last 10 years. It kills 16 people in every 100,000.

Cirrhosis of the liver is increasing in women binge drinkers whose liver’s don’t tolerate alcohol as well as men. Alcohol is toxic to the body’s cells when consumed in excess.

Blackouts after binge drinking

Waking up the next day after a binge drinking episode and not being able to remember parts of the evening before is an example of alcohols ability to damage the brain. If you suffer from blackouts after consuming vast amounts of alcohol, now is the time to sort this out.

If you can travel to Birmingham to see Debbie Williams at her Birmingham NLP and hypnotherapy clinic in Sutton Coldfield then call her on 0121 241 0728. Prices start from £145 per session.

if this is out of your price range you can get Birmingham hypnotherapists stop binge drinking self help hypnosis recording from only £19


Hypnosis to stop binge drinking with Birmingham hypnotherapist

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams has helped 100’s over the years to overcome their binge drinking habit usually in only 1-3 sessions.

Hypnosis is used to programme your unconscious mind to stop binge drinking and learn to drink sensibly, knowing when to stop so that you don’t binge on alcohol.www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_drinking

Binge drinking help to stop with NLP

Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie uses NLP to help you to ‘think’ differently about drink. NLP is like finding the owners manual for your brain and with the full length recording stop binge drinking there are several NLP based tracks to help you to reprogramme your brain to stop binge drinking now as well as a full length hypnosis track which will plant suggestions deep into your unconscious mind to help you to stop binge drinking.

Self help to stop drinking

You can read more here about “Stop Binge Drinking  This self help hypnosis and NLP recording costs only £19 and comes with a full money back guarantee to go on click the link and download your copy now you have nothing to lose but your binge drinking habit.

Save money as you stop binge drinking now

You will more than save the cost of the stop binge drinking recording on your first night out as you find you will drink much much less and more importantly enjoy your night out. www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_drinking

If you would like to come visit us please click here

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http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/ditch_the_dairy.htm help to stop eating cake, cheese, ice cream, biscuits pizza right now effective money back guarantee from only £19 hypnosis and NLP recording stop binging on these foods and get your control back

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How to stop being jealous treatment and help with hypnosis and NLP overcome insecure feelings and jealousy

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Food Phobias and fussy eating

How to overcome your food phobia or being a fussy eater with Birmingham NLP Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams


Overcoming my food phobia

If you have a food phobia or a fussy eater and want to overcome your restrictive diet and perhaps learn how to stop gagging at new food then Birmingham NLP master practitioner Debbie Williams can help you with her self help NLP and hypnosis recording ”Overcoming a food phobia”

Is there a cure to my food phobia and fussy eating?

Yes you can re-train yourself to add more variety to a restricted diet to improve your health and well-being with Birmingham NLP and hypnosis self help recording.

Have a read what is on the overcoming a food phobia recording here

If you have a food phobia or have grown up on a restricted diet and want to eat more variety in your diet but keep gagging when you try new foods. Or maybe you think ” help me I can’t even try certain foods” then this Overcoming a food phobia hypnosis recording will help as it by-passes the conscious mind reducing the fear of eating helping you to lose the fussy eating tendencies as you gradually add more foods and feel comfortable eating them without gagging.
Let go of your restricted diets and fear of foods and phobia about eating once and for all.
Click the link to get your “overcoming a food phobia” right now. You can read more or just download it for £19 and leave your food phobia and fussy eating in the past.

When Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist works with clients one to one she uses techniques on her Ultimate confidence recording, it helps you understand what stops us from being confident and how sometimes it limits us in our ability to achieve our goals. She takes you through changing negative beliefs and using NLP to help you become confident whilst introducing simple strategy for change using your physiology. She will teach you that by saying a certain phrase whilst changing your internal focus will give you ‘Ultimate Confidence’ instantly.

You can start your journey  to overcome food phobia here 

Or if you would like to visit me at my Birmingham NLP clinic visit www.debbiewilliams.co.uk to book a session of NLP and hypnotherapy

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