NLP Meta Model

In the mid 1970’s  Richard Bandler and John Grindler studied various psychotherapists who had great success in helping their patients.
At the time they noticed there was a lot written about how people were “broken” but nothing about how to fix them!
They wanted to discover what was the difference in what these therapists did to get consistent results.
They looked at the language structure of these therapists, how they interacted with their patients, the questions they asked and came up with model of language which became known as the meta model.

NLP Meta Model Language

The meta model was basically the art of using language to clarify meaning. Misunderstandings can happen because the same words can have entirely different meanings to each individual .
For example ask a few people what “A relationship” means to them you will get different answers as they will be making their choices based on numerous factors and influences in their life.
Someone who has been cheated on will describe “A relationship” differently than one who values excitement above all else in their relationship.


Meta, the word itself comes from Greek and means above and beyond.
In the Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group we visit parts of the meta model on our practice days and overtime understanding and utilisation of the NLP Meta Model happens easily.
It can be used to influence, to excel  in interviews to sell and improve business and performance in sports.

Birmingham NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group

NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner Debbie Williams who leads the Birmingham NLP practice group values teaching concepts in a way which is easy to grasp the basics.
Debbie creates a way to remember the simple overall concept of the meta model so you can use it and get fantastic results immediately and overtime if you choose to you can learn it in more depth and become highly skilled.

If you are curious about NLP you can find our more when the next Birmingham NLP and hypnosis practice day is.
It has NLP practitioners, Master practitioners and those who are just curious and wanting to find out a bit more about NLP. The group is very welcoming and friendly and would love to have you.

If you wanted a one to one session with Debbie you can contact her here

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