Stop eating bread

Published on 31 March, 2012 by in Addictions, Eating Disorders, Weight Loss


Stop eating bread

”I’m addicted to bread and I can stop eating bread once I start, can you help me to ‘not’ eat so much bread” This is a request I’ve been asked many times over the years. Finding that bread seems to control you rather than the other way around can sabotage any weight loss efforts.

Watch the video and close your eyes and let me programme your unconscious to reduce your desires and craving for bread.

Bread addiction is common

An addiction to bread where you feel you cannot stop eating it once you start is quite a common addiction.

Luckily by using the aversion technique that Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams demonstrates on the video above will help neutralise your bread cravings, still allowing you to enjoy bread but in a more ‘normal’ way.

NLP for bread addiction

NLP for bread addiction will give you back control over your cravings where you can look at bread and take it or leave it.

Please watch the ‘stop eating bread’ video a few times when you won’t be disturbed and allow your imagination to follow Debbie’s instructions so that your mind learns to link bread as an OK food not the be all and end all.


Watch the stop eating bread video all the way through…

Warning please watch the ‘stop eating bread ” video all the way through because if you only watch the first few minutes it may increase your cravings for bread!

This is very important as Debbie is linking in your mind to think ‘bread oh yes I love it, but no I don’t really want any right now’ This takes the whole of the video to be effective. Even better watch the video a few times so your mind ‘gets it’

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