Stop drinking wine

Help to stop drinking wine excessively. Sometimes we get into bad habits of drinking more than we know is good for us.

The occasional glass of wine midweek with a meal can sometimes build up into a daily occurrence.

How to stop drinking wine

Debbie Williams explains a simple strategy on this video which if you implement it will help curb your wine drinking habit. By having a plan you can break the habitual almost unconscious choice of drinking wine more often than you wish.

Its socially acceptable to drink alcohol but when you find it difficult to stop it can seem alarming and you wonder are you going down the slippery slope of becoming an alcoholic.

Wine drinking can contribute to being overweight

Drinking wine or any alcohol for that matter can add a tremendous amount of calories to your diet. But more than this is can actually trigger a false hunger making you eat unnecessarily more food than you planned = weight gain or sabotaging weight loss goals.

The one way it does this is after a drink of wine ( or any other alcohol) the internal dialogue shuts up. You know the inner voice that tells us what we should or should not do.

Our inner voice is quietened which also can let you think you need alcohol to relax and shut the mind chatter up.

Stop drinking wine with NLP tip one

We can stop drinking wine with the use of many strategies within NLP. One of which is to have a plan ie;

Only drink alcohol at weekends, making it a rule you stick to.

Perhaps cutting back to every other day of drinking wine.

Also cutting back the amount ie; 1-2 glasses instead of 1-2 bottles.

Having a written down plan makes it much more likely to be successful as it’s concrete and there in black and white.

Stop drinking wine with NLP tip two

Saying to yourself  ‘Ill have it later” over and over can ride the urge to drink and can help you to wean yourself of drinking wine everyday.

My hypnosis recording ‘Stop binge drinking ‘ also has loads more tips and hypnosis to help your mind to get in the right ‘state’ to want to stop. Its only £19 as a download if you feel you need extra help. http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/stop_binge_drinking.htm

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