I’ve binged my day is ruined

If you’ve had a binge eating episode, then many times the desire to just give up and give in the the binge eating behaviour is so great that you ruin the rest of the day ( or maybe even several days ) by just carrying on binging and binging.

Binge eaters and bulimic’s tend to see things in black and white and view a binge as evidence of failure to stick to their ‘diet’ which also is usually very strict with the emphasise on being good.

This gives no room to have the occasional ‘treat’ as that is deemed to be ‘bad’

Binge eating; black and white, good and bad

Binge eating; black and white thinking, either/or or good or bad.

When you think this way you are blind to all the shades of grey in-between the black and white spectrum of thought.

Please watch the video over and over to help yourself to realise you may be ‘stuck’ in this extreme form of thinking about food, eating, weight and binge eating.

Don’t let a binge ruin your day

Don’t let a binge ruin your day please bookmark this and come back and watch it if you find you have binged and ‘know’ you are heading down a very destructive path for the rest of the day ( or week).

Diets may have taught you to view food as good of bad and it’s time to change that mentality. And it is ‘mental’ as diets don’t work. They have a failure rate of over 90%.

I changed the name of my ‘weight loss made easy’ course to ‘lean for life’ as it was more accurate as I believe a better system to follow is to ‘model’ and ‘copy’ what naturally lean people do.

Even better to follow what naturally lean, healthy and happy people do which covers mind body and spirit.

Please watch any video that may help you with your goals and sign up for your free hypnosis download ‘stop worrying and create a wonderful life’


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