Be Lean


Be lean with healthy fast food using dairy free sauce also curry,chilli and gravy and other sauces to create different dishes everyday to look forward to.
Making friends with vegetables will be your greatest ally against disease and helping keeping you slim.

Be Lean The lazy Way

Debbie also talks in this video about how you can get raw food into your diet and enjoy it even in the winter. You can see even if you are very lazy (as Debbie admits she is ) there is no excuse to not eat healthy .
Adding sprouted seeds to foods after cooking ensures you don’t destroy the enzymes and feed your cells too. This will help with reducing cravings as pointed out autopsies in America ( and other westernised nations) show we are overfed by actually suffering signs of malnutrition.

Be Lean With Natural Food

When you live on a diet of highly processed foods the body will send out hunger signals (for many reasons) one of them being an hour or so after eating it realizes there is missing nutrients in this meal, go and get me some please. We interpret this as being hungry and go and eat the first thing we come across and the whole cycle continues.

Being Lean, Help To Stop Cravings

There is a link above to Debbie Williams hypnosis and NLP recording Lean for Life download which will help you to be lean and stay lean for life.

Be Lean, The Milk Myth

If you have to have milk, cheese, pizza and ice cream in your diet you may have an addiction to these foods which have been touted as healthy by industries with big marketing budgets.

My ditch the dairy can help you to break the addiction that many junk foods as well as so called marketed health foods ie ‘milk and dairy foods have on you. You wouldn’t get down on your hands and knees in a field and suckle of a cow would you?
Why not include rat milk or horse milk?
One of the reasons we get addicted to dairy is that it contains caso-morphine to ensure the baby has a big desire to drink lots of it.
By the time we are 4 years or age most of us lose the ability to fully digest the sugar in milk (lactose) as this is the time we should be fully weaned of our mother’s milk . Drinking milk in adulthood can lead to all sorts of problems one of the best resources for more info is Robert Cohen’s website http//www.notmilkman.com or my ditch the dairy recording.


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