How to get to sleep

How to get to sleep when you mind refuses to shut up. This self help hypnotherapy and NLP based video by Birmingham hypnotherapist will help you to unwind at night time and help you to get to sleep.

If you’ve suffered from sleep problems and insomnia then you know how awful and out of sorts it makes you feel. Time to change this right now.

In this ‘how to get to sleep’ video Debbie Williams teaches you strategies to curb your mind chatter, slowing it down so that you drift of to sleep more easily and more often.

How to get to sleep: more help

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Hypnotherapy Debbie Williams style

I believe you can retrain yourself how to get to sleep and insomnia is one of the most common issues I get to help people with in my Birmingham NLP and hypnotherapy practice.

This is how I help people to get a good nights sleep, this work involves two main strategies. The first is to train the mind to think and behave sleepily when it is time for sleep.

This is teaching you exactly how to alter your the way you do your thoughts (whatever they are). using NLP. Hypnosis is also used to simply suggest, via a host of techniques , that you sleep when appropriate.

Either approach has been successful for people. I use both approaches as a combination of the two seems to be the most effective.

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There is lots of help on this website which if you watch and listen to will help you to be able to get to sleep. Feel free to suggest ideas for other videos which can help you.

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