Phantom limb pain help

Phantom limb pain can be helped with NLP and hypnotherapy. Birmingham Hypnotherapist Debbie Williams shares several simple strategies which can be used to ease the pain of a phantom limb.

Other therapies include ‘mirror’ therapy which is ok if you have still got one leg, but its not much use if you’ve lost both limbs or more.

Phantom limb pain video self help

NLP trainer and hypnotherapist Debbie Williams demonstrates different ways to think about your phantom limb pain in order to give the mind a different focus.

Debbie talks of her own experiences with some clients and what she did to help them with their phantom limb pain. She also talks about a free hypnosis recording of hers which plants the seeds of a miracle occurring as you let go into relaxation and gentle hypnosis.


Rosie’s brother didn’t get phantom limb pain

Rosies brother didn’t get phantom limb pain despite being in a horrific car accident. Rosie played my free ‘spontaneous remission ‘ recording to him over and over when he was in a coma for 55 days.

When he came out of the coma he had no phantom limb pain at all. Rosie played the hypnotherapy recording to him over and over and she share in the video how it helped her also deal with the situation. This is the second of 2 videos where Rosie speaks about it.

Phantom limb pain can go

Phantom limb pain can go, by using the power of your mind.

The mind stays ‘stuck’ in the ‘trauma’ mode and sometimes the person can also have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also.

Please watch the related videos and if you or someone you know suffers from phantom limb pain please get your free hypnosis downloads ‘Spontaneous remission’ http://www.debbiewilliamsassociates.co.uk/free_download.htm#free_download also see the other videos about miraculous recoveries.

Please also fill the form and download your copy of  ‘stop worrying ‘ available from this website.

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