PTSD explained

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is explained by NLP trainer Debbie Williams from Birmingham, West Midlands.

Debbie also explains what is on the free download ‘Stop worrying and create a wonderful life’ which you can access good quality hypnotherapy and NLP  for free.

PTSD how your mind thinks

How your mind thinks about things will effect the way you feel. Sometimes using the analogy of the mind being like a TV station which plays internal movies is very useful as that is in fact what our mind does.

And if the movies are bad ones it can affect us by preventing a good nights sleep, keeping us awake because the recording equipment inside our mind is faulty and is stuck on the same movies over and over again.

PTSD help with NLP and hypnotherapy

Debbie Williams is a Birmingham based hypnotherapist and NLP trainer who has helped 1000’s of people over the years gain mastery over their minds.

One of the things she enables sufferers of PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder to do is to help them to change endings of horrific movies and to ‘view’ them in a different way.

Please watch other videos on this site which can help you overcome post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Also please forward the information to anyone who could benefit.

See Birmingham soldier Craig Burgess’s videos where he talks about how Debbie helped him overcome his post traumatic stress enabling him to have the best nights sleep in years.

NLP for PTSD, positive changes stick

And the positive changes have ‘stuck’ not only was he able to release many painful memories of serving in Iraq and the awful things he witnessed at a very young age. He’d only had his passing out parade a few days before 911 and then was posted to serve in Iraq.

His best friend James died in his arms and he kept replaying this ‘internal movie’ over and over night after night it just wouldn’t go away yet within one session it had gone. Debbie helped him to change the ending to a more positive one in which he imagined James safe in heaven and looking down on him as his guardian angel telling him everything was going to be fine.

Please download your copy of stop worrying and you will also be able to gain access to other recordings including the full recording of Craig’s second session with Debbie Williams using NLP and hypnotherapy to get rid of his PTSD


One Response to “PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder an explaination”

  1. Alondra says:

    I am the daughter of a Vietnam dtrfaee and I concider myself a survivor of PTSD. I will never forget the day my father threatened to shoot me with a sawed-off shot gun just because I tried to voice my opinion against his verbal assaults. My father reminded me so many times that if I’d been born a boy he would have most likely killed me early on. The most difficult part of my childhood was being bullied by both the children at school and my own father as well. I imagined later in life that while most little girls were protected, loved, and adored by there father’s I on the otherhand was treated like a disease by my father, and invisable to the rest of the World. I never did anything harmful to anyone, and I was not a disruptive spoiled child either. I was not allowed to touch anything in my parents house outside of my own room, and most of my early childhood was spent in isolation in my bedroom. My mother never divorced my father, knowing how abusive he was to me and my younger sister. I am bitter because my mother didn’t protect me against my father but has the nerve to remind me that I should forget the past and learn to trust in God for Guidance. As an adult my father now claimes he called me names and beat me because he didn’t want me to grow up weak. His taunts and name calling were daily and repetative. The only time the name calling would stop was when I raised my voice to him, which always ended with a beating to my head. As a result of my childhood I have bouts of anxiety where I am terrified of people and social situations. I don’t trust anyone, and I feel like my father won, and I have become a complete failure in everything I dreamt to be in my life. I feel the Government owes me the same rights as what my father is given, as well as disability support!! Where do people like me go when we need Group Therapy, and not just drug handouts from pompous shrinks, but a geniune retreat where cries can be not just heart but felt. I am angry even as I type this because it is sad that this is the only website I can share my story with, my own monitor screen and a tone of rambling keystrokes for a random stranger to hear. I am enraged that the shrink I went to a year ago told me he didn’t know of any Group Therapy for the kind of therapy I was searching for and looked at me with narrow eyes as if I was making up all accounts of the abuse I survived. I am exhausted because roughly a week out of every month I become suicidal. I have been diagnosed bipolar, but I think it’s a mis diognosis because I feel I have all the symptoms of PTSD. I cannot find any information local in my area or service provided for Children of Vets. Can someone please send me a link so that I can gain the courage to share my story with others like myself.