Birmingham soldier PTSD treatment one week on

Birmingham soldier Craig Burgess who served in Iraq talks about whats changed in is life one week on after having treatment from Birmingham NLP trainer and hypnotherapist Debbie Williams.

You can hear former soldier Craig talk about how the symptoms of post traumatic stress have gone and that he had his best nights sleep in years.

The PTSD nightmares have stopped!

Birmingham soldier PTSD has gone

Birmingham soldier Craig Burgess who has served in Iraq reports his PTSD has gone and the nightmares have stopped.

He also shares he feels much calmer like a weight has finally been lifted of his shoulders.

The anger that soldier Craig was feeling has also dissolved dramatically.

Birmingham soldier PTSD session recorded

When soldier Craig came for his second session in Birmingham Debbie recorded the work they did and has the audio recording which is free to listen to. Please sign up for your free stop worrying recording and you will be able to access this session on PTSD with Debbie Williams and Craig.

Debbie used NLP and hypnosis to help Craig overcome his post traumatic stress disorder and related symptoms to finally free him from years of being tortured inside his own mind.

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When you sign up for Debbie’s’ free recording you will also receive her monthly coaching email to help keep you on track with your goals.

PTSD can be treated effectively with NLP

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder can be treated effectively with NLP and good hypnotherapy. It is one of Debbie’s goals to give as much video help to those suffering with PTSD and with the download she recorded with Birmingham soldier Craig she believes it will help anyone with PTSD to feel like the burden of PTSD is being lifted of their shoulders.

‘I don’t have all the answers’ says Debbie but I know I’ve made a positive difference for 1000’s of people over the years. ‘Please sign up and get your free download now.


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