PTSD Soldier in Birmingham

PTSD had stopped Birmingham soldier Craig Burgess from living his life to the full as he was plagued with the images of his best friend dying in his arms.

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder to give it its proper name can destroy lives, yet with good NLP and hypnotherapy the way a person remembers and stores the memory of the traumatic event can be changed to allow the person to get on with their lives.


PTSD the TV in Mind

If we view the mind as a TV and think of it playing the same episode of the event over and over in a loop then this goes someway to explaining how it feels to be tortured with events preceding the onset of post traumatic stress disorder.

If you watch this video ( and the follow up ones) of Birmingham soldier Craig Burgess you will see how I used this as a metaphor and helped him to turn down the sound on his ‘mind movies’ and drain the colour out.


I could of freeze framed it or any number of other possibilities to change the memory allowing it to be updated and re-presented in his mind in a better more useful way. This is NLP at work.

I also suggested alternative endings to his ‘mind movies’ of seeing his best friend going to a better place as well as suggesting if James was here now what would he be saying to help you to let go of this right now.

Being a hypnotist, I would subtly mark out the phrase ‘let go of it right now’ and other useful phrases to help ensure we got the positive result that Craig and I wanted.

I also used post hypnotic suggestions that all his ‘mind movies’ would have positive endings and closure from now on resulting in the best nights sleep.

PTSD Why Get Help

With Craig, he contacted me for help as he knew he was having nightmares over and over about what he had seen in Iraq and wanted them to stop.

What really frightened him was sometimes he didn’t realise he’d had a nightmare and his parents had filmed him one night to show him.

Unfortunately this added to his stress as now he worried ‘What if I harm my 5 year old daughter within one of these nightmares and not even know about it” as you can imagine is a terrible thought and burden for anyone to carry.

PTSD More Help From Debbie

If you are suffering from PTSD please do watch all the videos relating to post traumatic stress disorder as they will help, the more you listen the more your ‘mind’ will understand what it can do to change for the better.

Look out for the free download (it’s coming) of Craig’s second session we recorded as it will help you. It was Craig’s wish to let anyone who could benefit from his experience have access to the recording. He is also open to talk to the press about his experience and recovery of PTSD.

Please see also the anxiety category and emotions category as well as downloading your free stop worrying download from this site.

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