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Published on 22 May, 2012 by in How To Be Lean Resources



Thank you for buying your special gift. Here are the links to the 15 videos that will help you on your journey, I’ve added a few extra for you.

1. Overcome a bread addiction –
2. Tips to stop overeating –
3. Negative thoughts –
4. Stop a binge binge running the rest of the day –
5. Hypnosis for sleep –

6. Stop drinking wine –
7. 6 minute weight loss trance –
8. 10 minute stop binge eating trance –
9. 10 minute “law of attraction trance’ – focusing on creating miracles for yourself –
10. Stop being greedy short trance –
11. How to be happy –
12. Happiness strategies –
13. Stay on track to success –
14. Why we sabotage ourselves and how to stop –
15. Stop worrying trance –

Bonus video’s

16. How to tone the tummy and enjoy it (as my fun job I teach bellydancing) –
17. What can I eat (I show healthy tasty quick food and what to do to make it) –

Don’t forget to contact me if you have a title to suggest, I will add them to the library

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