Critical parent; help to cope

If you had/have a critical parent and they still seem to impact negatively on your life, then this simple strategy will help to transform the way you think about them. Even parents who were abusive towards us, this may help release you from some of the pain.

Being criticised is hard to take

Any form of criticism can be hard to take and coming from a critical parent can impact on your sense of self.

Luckily, using NLP we can change the way we feel about this by how we ‘re-frame’ them in our mind.

There are other video’s on this site teaching you how to change your internal dialog, they also will really help you.

Stuck with their criticism

It can seem as if we have our ‘critical parent’ inside our mind constantly chastising us and telling us our faults. This does wonders for our self esteem…Not!

Birmingham hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams shares on this video a simple ‘shift’ in the way you think can make all the difference.

Questions to transform the criticism

Questions we can ask to transform the hold a critical parent has on us includes;

What have they taught me?

It could even be ‘how not to be’ if that makes sense. One client of mine had been treated dreadfully, I mean dreadfully, not only by her mother but other family members, yet she has become a fantastic mother as she knows what not to do!

What useful things have they given me?

I’m not talking about material things, more so about character traits, maybe stubbornness , ability to stand your ground or maybe you’ve cultured kindness as they were not kind to you.

What have you not thought about until now, that you have learned from your critical parent that has been a huge asset to you?

Critical parent list

Start a list about your critical parents traits, lessons and useful things you have learned to do, or not do because of them.

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