Exercise and enjoy it; belly dancing?

Many of us have an aversion to exercise as we think it’s going to be ‘painful’ and phrases like ‘no pain no gain’ don’t help either.

As children we never really thought about it, even the sedentary child moved – a lot.

Yet today with being driven to school and hours in front of some box, the TV or play station movement is dramatically reduced.

Could belly dancing be the answer?

You have to find an exercise that is fun and enjoyable and belly dancing does tick those boxes.

Not only that, belly dancing massages all the internal organs as you will see if you have a go with some of the moves in this short belly dancing instructional video. This helps with digestion as well as toning up the core muscles in the body and ultimately strengthening the back.

Can’t be bad!

Go on I dare you; try following the belly dancing moves

Have you had a go? What if you committed to practicing some belly dancing each day?

Or looked for a belly dance class in your area?

‘Belly dancing is my fun job’ says Birmingham belly dancing teacher Debbie Williams who also is a NLP trainer and hypnotherapist. Debbie uses accelerated learning techniques and NLP to help students learn belly dancing in a fun easy way.

Belly dancing; not from Birmingham

If you fancy belly dancing but are not from Birmingham you can still learn in the comfort of your own home as I’ve put a couple of belly dancing choreography’s online. here are the links;



Or if you are in the Birmingham area come along to a belly dance class.


Belly dancing will tone you up

Belly dancing will tone you up, and its more challenging than you think. Go on have a go, you know you want to.

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