Compulsive overeating

If you are a compulsive overeater then this video will help you to control those urges to overeat. Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams shares with you a simple yet very powerful tip on how to ride over those urges to overeat.

Procrastination helps with compulsive overeating

Procrastination can really help with overeating. Who would of thought procrastination could be your friend? Watch the video as Debbie explains how you can use it to help you to stop overeating.

Well it can be when you use it to help you break the habit of compulsive overeating.

What if you said to that thought ‘I want to eat…NOW’ a simple reply of ‘Yes OK but not now, later’ and you kept repeating that phrase ‘yes OK not now, later’ over and over until the urge subsided?

Compulsive overeating urges only last a few minutes

Compulsive overeating urges only last a few minutes and if you have a strategy to distract yourself for those few minutes the urges will go.

Compulsive overeating is like an addiction or a habit that many compulsive overeaters just do, not realising that if you were to add up the amount of times those urges last in a day it would only be minutes.

That said compulsive overeaters spend nearly all their time thinking and obsessing about food except when they are actually eating!

How bizarre, but true. How many times after the first few mouthfuls of food you go into a sort of trance and are eating unconsciously.

Compulsive overeaters are in a trance

Compulsive overeaters are in a trance. It’s as if another part of the mind has taken over and the compulsive overeating begins. This is why using good hypnotherapy and NLP can help change your compulsion to overeat at the deepest level.

With hypnotherapy and NLP there are the tools to set up strategies to learn to eat as a lean, healthy happy person does gradually overriding the old compulsive overeating pattern.

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